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Transparent Pricing for Your Financial Peace

Discover our straightforward pricing structure tailored to your business needs. Rest easy with no hidden fees, ensuring clarity and financial confidence.

We Put Money Back in Your Pockets

You Can't Afford Not to Hire Upfront CPA

We save you time, reduce your taxes & help you build significant wealth with your business. Here's a quick overview of the type of impact we can easily make on a business.


Average Tax Savings We Create

We almost always find $6,000 to $9,000 a year in tax savings from maximizing S-Corps, Retirement Plans, Hiring Family Members & Write Offs.


Average Staff Time We Save

We often save at least 8 hours a week, at $30/hour, creating massive savings in labor.


30 Year Business Investment Account

Using a retirement plan, investing $1041/month, earning 8% interest.

S-Corp Case Study: 
$100,000 Net Profit


Net Profits

($50,000 S-Corp Salary)

Social Security Taxes


Medicare Taxes


Total SE Taxes Due


Annual SE Tax Savings


UpFront CPA & Bookkeeping | Orlando Florida

Streamlined Financial Solutions for Your Success

Simplify your financial journey with UpFront CPA & Bookkeeping's comprehensive services. We handle bookkeeping, tax planning, and CFO-level guidance, empowering your business to thrive.

Expert Bookkeeping & Guidance

Say goodbye to bookkeeping stress and welcome accuracy, organized records, and accounting insights that fuel your growth.

Strategic Tax Planning

Never overpay in taxes again as we proactively strategize year-round to maximize deductions and boost your profitability.

CFO-Level Support

Get personalized tax & accounting guidance and support, ensuring confident decisions and scaling your business with ease.

Business CPA Tax, Payroll, & Bookkeeping in Orlando FL

What's All Included with Our Services?

Our straightforward pricing structure ensures you know exactly what to expect,
so you can focus on your business without financial surprises.

We'll clean up your books, establish a perfect chart of accounts and ensure you're setup correctly.
Provide an in-depth analysis of your taxes, financial situation and accounting system.
We'll create a comprehensive tax reduction plan for the current year and the future, identifying how to keep more of what you make.
We'll provide excellent bookkeeping every month, keeping you up to date and doing it to perfection.
We'll set you up on the best payroll, and either run it for you or equip your staff to do it.
Your net profits will "flow through" to your personal 1040 tax return, and you'll owe Medicare on all wages and Social Security taxes on all income up to the social security limit, which changes often according to congress.
We'll provide monthly or quarterly reports and management dashboards for key performance indicators.
We'll meet before year end to make major tax mitigation decisions around investments, purchases and strategy.
We'll close out your books and perform high levels of year end reporting.
We'll make year end tax season a breeze since we've done all the bookkeeping, tax payments & tax plans.
We'll prepare & file your taxes.
Small Business
per month
Low Levels of Complexity
0-3 Employees
Year End Taxes
Bookkeeping Done For You
Simple Tax Reduction Planning
Quarterly Progress Report
Growing Business
per month
Mid Levels of Complexity
3-10 Employees
Increased Transactions & Bookkeeping
Mid Levels of Tax Reduction Planning
Established Business
per month
Higher Levels of Complexity
More Employees & Onboarding
High Levels of Accounts & Transactions
Higher Complexity of Tax Planning
CFO Meetings & Guidance

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